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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, often referred to as cavities, occurs when bacteria around the tooth forms into acid weakening the enamel and the tooth as a whole. This happens because of the foods and drinks we consume, especially ones with high sugar content. Dentist claim that toothaches, tooth sensitivity, black spots on teeth, and bad breath can all be signs that you may have cavities. However, you aren’t always able to tell if you suffer from tooth decay.

  • The result of plaque turning into acid and destroying tooth enamel and the rest of the tooth
  • Often caused by sugary diets and poor dental hygiene
  • More serious cases require dentist to install crowns and bridges

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Who does it affect?

Tooth decay affects people of all ages. Since it is a result of the plaque buildup on our teeth, it all depends on what we eat and how often we clean our teeth. People who eat sugary foods are more susceptible to tooth decay. Also, people who don’t regularly clean their teeth and visit a dentist may find that serious tooth decay is forming in their mouth without ever knowing.

How to treat it

The best way to treat tooth decay is by visiting your dentist for regular checkups. If dentists are able to catch cavities before they reach the centre of the tooth, the use of fluoride can help to replace missing enamel. However, more serious cases require the installation of crowns or even a root canal treatment. If your dentist needs to remove a tooth, they will recommend partial dentures or bridges.

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