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Impacted Teeth

A tooth becomes impacted when it can no longer push through the gum because of a blockage. The most common form of an impacted tooth is your wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth could be painless for some people while causing pain for others. The main cause for impacted teeth is that there isn’t enough room for it to grow. Therefore, they could cause your teeth to push against each other shifting their position in your mouth.

  • Occurs when a tooth pushing through the gums becomes blocked
  • The most common impacted tooth is your wisdom tooth
  • Surgery is usually required to remove an impacted tooth

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Who does it affect?

Anyone can experience an impacted tooth during their lifetime. However, it is most common for people ages 17 to 25 when wisdom teeth begin to form. Once removed there should be no remaining symptoms of the impacted tooth.

How to treat it

Most impacted teeth need to be surgically removed by a certified dentist. Wisdom teeth removal is a common surgical procedure that involves minimal recovery time and is safe. Usually, the surgeon will issue some form of anesthetic during the procedure to ensure that you don’t feel any pain. It is important to follow proper post-treatment precautions need in order to allow for the gums to properly heal and prevent infection.

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